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To our forever hype girls who we couldn’t live without.

Thank You for…

The Effort

Thanks for driving miles to our house, not mentioning the mess or smell, always bringing cake, and washing up your own cup.

The Memes

Thanks for communicating with us via memes and not being pissed that we haven’t messaged you back in weeks.

The Lies

Thanks for saying we looked nice when we were wearing a sick-covered sack and hadn’t brushed our hair.

The Empathy

Thanks for not complaining that we never ask how you are when you call.

The Inclusivity

Thanks for always inviting us, even though we never actually come. And on the rare occasions we do – not being mad if we leave by 9pm.

The Validation

Thanks for letting us blabber on about our kids for the duration of dinner and then messaging to say you “had the best time!”.

The Understanding

Thanks for letting us be MIA. Under the dark circles and our milk-stained clothing, we’re still in there and promise we’ll be back.

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