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The Music is incredible
The Music is incredible

“I have always loved a festival, so when I had kids, I wanted them to love them as much as I do! Camp Bestival makes that easy! There are endless activities for all ages, the best music acts to dance to and the cleanest festival loos I’ve ever been in! There’s everything from family fancy dress to delicious food, crafts to try, and even a roller disco! We can’t wait to go again this year!”

Jess Robinson, TMC Cornwall Host

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The Food is SO Good (And Can Be Cheaper This Year)
The Food is SO Good (And Can Be Cheaper This Year)

“I love Camp Bestival, and so do my children. My kids loved all the experiences when we went. And this year almost everything is free. You still have to pay for things like fairground rides and the wild swimming, but that’s it really. The food is also great. And this year it’s even cheaper, as all food stalls are offering kids portion sizes that cost £6 and there’s also a new children’s festival food offer, which costs £39.99 and includes everything you’d need for the weekend.

Luzaan Shaw, TMC Style and Content Creator and TMC Wokingham Host

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There's Tons of Options for Accommodation
There’s Tons of Options for Accommodation

“I camped with my 1-year-old- and 3-year-old, which was much easier than expected. We had a pre-furnished bell tent, so I think that helped but if you’re nervous about camping, you will be completely fine as they make it so easy. Equally, if you want to stay nearby and come in for the day, you can do that, it’s just trickier if you want to have a drink.
Either way, you can fill your festival cup and have your kids by your side. Listening to great music and raving with your children is the most amount of fun. Yes, bedtimes and sleep schedules go out the window, but the memories you make will last forever.”

TMC Editor, Lydia House

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It's So Easy for Families
It’s So Easy for Families

“If you’re on the fence about Camp Bestival, I recommend just going for it and booking that ticket! We’ve been a few times. Once with a 2-year-old and another with a baby and a 3-year-old. It’s surprising how quickly you find your festival feet and settle into a new routine. There is constant entertainment for all, and it creates some pretty magical memories. You’re also with parents who will happily share tips to make festival life easier. As a family, we love it! The only downside is that our 3-year-old asks us weekly when they can return.”

Charlotte Johns, TMC Solihull Host

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There's So Much to Do
There’s So Much to Do

“I went to Camp Bestival Shropshire with my husband and two children (2 and 4). And it was one of the most amazing experiences!
There was so much to see and do. Whether they were riding the Helter Skelter, making music in the forest, climbing the giant robot slide or building with Woodland Tribe, our boys were constantly entertained. And, when the weather got a bit wet, the CBeebies and soft play tent were an excellent shelter.
As someone who has never camped, I was a little anxious about what it would be like, especially with young children, but it was the highlight of our summer. We’re so excited to go again this year and create even more memories.”

Sophie Cole, TMC North Hertfordshire Host

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The Car Parks are So Close By
The Car Parks are So Close By

“I was surprised at how close the car parks were to the campsite. The whole process of entry and access was so easy. When I was there, you could rent trolleys to help you get your stuff to your tent. But we took our pram and loaded that up, and it was absolutely fine to use everywhere. There is a festival nanny service you can use if you want, but honestly, there’s so much for everyone to do that we didn’t feel like we needed it.”
Ally Papasodaro, TMC Wimbledon Host

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