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“This has tons of functions and has made cleaning my house and car so much easier. Even with two unruly toddlers.”

Reviewed by TMC Editor: Lydia House

Pro IconPros

It has a turbo setting that makes cleaning quicker, more efficient, and more fun.

You can store it anywhere and it’s easy to charge and very slimline, which means it can fit in the smallest of spaces. It also converts to a smaller handheld vacuum, which comes with additional attachments and bin.

Being cordless, it’s quick to whip out, making vacuuming less chore.

The motorised mini power nozzle is perfect for pet hair and if you have messy toddlers, as it lifts the dirt from sofas, chairs and surfaces. It also has a long crevice tool that helps you reach awkward spots.

It’s easy to empty the dirt, as you simply press down on a quick-release pedal.

Con IconCons

The 5-year warranty is subject to registration within 30 days from purchase. So don’t forget to do it.

You’ll become obsessed with hoovering (and the turbo option).

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What is the Hoover Cordless Pet Vacuum Cleaner with CORNER GENIE™?

No corners are left unsucked with the HFX cordless vacuum cleaner. Giving you 30 minutes of cord-free suction power, it’s the revolutionary new way to clean your home. The clever vacuum comes with multiple attachments, is lightweight, and has a handy loop that makes it easy to carry around the home. Designed to pick up dirt from hard-to-reach areas, the innovative CORNER GENIE™ nozzle allows effortless manoeuvring and reaches hard-to-reach places the attachment is removed via a quick-release pedal, and the flat shape cleans under furniture with ease. The head has anti-twist technology, which prevents hair from wrapping around the brush, and the top section can be easily removed to remove any pieces that get stuck. It also has an LED light to reveal hidden specks in dark places. And it can convert to a handheld vacuum with additional bin and tools included.

Why We Like It…

“I didn’t think changing my vacuum cleaner would make that much of a difference. But this is something else! It comes with so many attachments and charging and cleaning it is a complete doddle. It’s easy to take apart when you get something stuck and taking out the dirt is so simple and done by pressing a pedal. The children used to drive me mad by pressing buttons on our old machine, and it was cumbersome to get out. Now I can get this out quickly and vacuum up their mess immediately. The multiple attachments mean I can get into every corner and even use it in my car. The turbo setting is especially great if they’ve brought mud into the house. The turbo setting is especially great if they’ve brought mud into the house. The 2in1 Dusting Brush and Upholstery Tool is also handy for this, as it helps do two jobs simultaneously. You can store it standing up or fold it to fit in a smaller space.”

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Any Downsides?

“With so many different attachments and tools, it’s a tech lovers dream. However, that does mean it requires some learning. But even if you’re usually a manual dodger (like me). It’s worth reading up about what it can do as handy things like taking the top off the head, so you can get bits out that get stuck and stop the brush from rotating, are SO handy!!”

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HFX Hoover Cordless Pet Vacuum Cleaner with CORNER GENIE™
HFX Hoover Cordless Pet Vacuum Cleaner with CORNER GENIE™

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Category – Cordless
Colour – Black-Rose
Weight – 3.65kg
Dimensions – Height: 112cm x Width: 20cm x Depth: 25cm
Capacity – 1.19 L
Run-Time – 30 (mins)
Charging Time – 3.5 (hours)
Warranty – 5 Years (2 Years For Battery)

HFX Hoover Cordless Pet Vacuum Cleaner with CORNER GENIE™


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