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Reviewed by: TMC Co-Founder Jessica Lawes

Pro IconPros

Straighter teeth!

Quicker and usually cheaper than fixed braces and less visible

My treatment included bonding and whitening at the end.

Con IconCons

You can’t eat when you have them in, although it was good for stopping me from snacking.

Easy to lose as they are little invisible trays!

What is it?
What is it?

Invisalign is a treatment that uses clear aligners that can help straighten minor to complex teeth misalignment. The length of treatment can take, on average, six months, but this is dictated by your Invisalign doctor, depending on how complicated your case is. Most people feel a difference wearing after three months, and results are usually noticeable after six months.

Overall Thoughts

I have been pleased with the results. For such a short time wearing the aligners, I have been so impressed with the results and for very little work or discomfort. When I initially went for my consultation, I needed more alterations than expected as I only had a small amount of crossing over on my bottom teeth. But even then, I only had 14 weeks worth of aligners to get me to the goal I wanted. The appointments have all been really quick, even when fitting the first set, and my dentist made me feel so comfortable and at ease. I’m thrilled with the results and my new smile.

Is it good value?
Is it good value?

It is not cheap, but I received regular check-ups, all my aligners, whitening and bonding within my fee. You can also choose different payment plans to help spread the cost.

Would you recommend it?
Would you recommend it?

“Yes, if your teeth are a concern, I would 100% recommend going down this route. It is worth the investment. I have felt more confident in my appearance since having Invisalign. “

Where I went
Where I went

Euston Dental Practise, Leamington Spa

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