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Reviewed by: TMC Co Founder Lauren Webber

Pro IconPros

Looks good in your home

Lightweight and foldable

Easy to put together

Con IconCons

Wobbles slightly

Overall thoughts

“My 10-month-old son is on the move. And the juggle has just got harder! I recently went on a search to find a walker so that he could experience some contained freedom, and I found this one. It’s great and isn’t garishly coloured. It’s also very lightweight, and you can attach different toys to the top to keep things interesting. He’s very happy in it. And granted, I have had my feet run over a few times (and I still need to keep a watchful eye), but it’s made my life easier. Well, for now, anyway.”

What is it? And how do you use it?

It’s a walker for toddlers aged 6-18 months. You just pop them in it, add some of their favourite toys and off they go.

Was it good value?
Was it good value?

I think so, baby stuff is expensive but some of the walkers I found were so pricey and they’re not in these things for long, so I think this was the right price for me.

Would you recommend it?

Yes, I love it and I did a lot of research.

Product Specs

This walker is suitable for baby toddlers aged 6-18 months.

Unfolded Dimensions: 25.6 in(D) x 16.5 in(H), with 3 strong stainless steel legs, maximum load up to 20 kg.

High quality eco-friendly original PP plastic, BPA free and 120° high temperature resistance.

Thickened cushion and Heightened backrest, detachable and easy to care, wearable and breathable, comfortable design for baby.

Adjustable 5 walker heights and 4 seat heights, grows with your baby to ensure your child stay safe as they begin to crawl, stand and explore.

Round design with 8 universal wheels, smart and multidirectional, big but silent, forward and backward as your kid like, narrow and tight turns are not a problem.

Folded Height: 4.3 in, easy to fold and carry, no other tools required. Small space requirement with simple home storage.

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