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Reviewed by Abigail Beiboer, TMC Hackney Host

Pro IconPros

Promotes postpartum self-care for mothers

Tailored treatment to aid the subtle imbalances you can’t quite define after birth

Luxurious spa environment with incredible amenities

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May require a course of treatment

What is it?

A post-natal psychological MOT can help the body to rebalance and reset itself, as well as relieving stress and anxiety post-birth. Using acupuncture to treat the shock, and often blood loss, of labour, by pinpointing areas that would benefit from stimulation or need calming. There are particular acupuncture points that treat shock and trauma. Approx. 45 minutes of necessary YOU time, where you lie on a comfy bed, and the acupuncturist treats your mental and physical state. • “First, we check your pulse points, which lasts for around 5-10 minutes. This is a key factor for achieving a good diagnosis, as it enables you to see what’s going on internally”, says Ross. • Next, the acupuncturist selects points based on any symptoms that the client reports combined with the analysis of your pulses. • The painless needles are placed in for roughly 10-20mins. Some will be in for longer than others. Ross says, “Often a mum will come in, and if we do it right, her tired, ashy complexion will change from start to finish. Usually, you will leave feeling brighter but looking it too!”

Overall Thoughts...
Overall Thoughts…

It’s easy to feel sceptical about alternative therapies such as acupuncture, but any worries were quickly dissolved as i was given a comforting cup of chamomile tea in Claridge’s stunning spa. Ross’s approach was incredibly attentive, making me feel cared for and listened to. He took time to understand my postpartum symptoms, tailoring a treatment aimed not only to alleviate them but also to restore my sense of self. He also offered advice on reducing cortisol levels, which is essential for mums constantly in fight-or-flight mode. The treatment was so relaxing and the needles were painless, and I was left to enjoy a moment alone while they did their magic. Although results aren’t immediate for all, I did leave feeling calm and rejuvenated thanks to baby-free pamper time and Ross’s comforting expertise. It’s clear acupuncture goes beyond physical healing and is also about improving your mental health and finding internal balance that benefits your wellbeing, and i really felt the effects of this.

Would You Recommend it?
Would You Recommend it?

Yes, I would recommend this treatment to fellow new mums. Ross is brilliant at creating a relaxed and supportive environment, leaving you feeling completely at ease and heard. Especially if you’ve tried traditional medicine and still feel out of sync, this treatment offers a great alternative, delving into underlying issues you may not have even realised were there. Leaving the tranquil spa rooms after a session with Ross, you’ll feel lighter, with a renewed commitment to prioritising your wellbeing guilt-free. And if an in-person session isn’t feasible, his range of wellness products, from supplements (that I’ve already started) to heavenly-scented patches, offer his holistic approach to wellness right from the comfort of your own home. It’s worth a try if you want to find your balance again.

When Should I Have it?

“I usually encourage mums to come in two weeks after they’ve given birth”, says Ross. “By then, the newborn bubble has gone, hormones have levelled, and adrenaline falls away, and we can generally start to see how deficient someone is and the areas that need focussing on”.

Why Would I Need One?

The aftercare UK mums receive post-birth is next to nothing. “There’s a lovely saying in Chinese medicine that the best way to stop a crying baby is to treat the mother, which is the basis of what we try and do. We encourage the mother to focus on herself more, and this is for the benefit of her baby. It’s not a selfish act, it’s a necessary one”, says Ross.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

“The first treatment can be the most life-changing”, says Ross. “But you could allow for 2-5 treatments. The more experienced the practitioner is, the more likely they will be able to get their diagnosis right the first time, but that being said, most acupuncturists are so well trained they should be able to diagnose what needs to be treated in your first or second appointment”.

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