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Reviewed by: Charlie Rooney, TMC Brand Partnerships Manager

Pro IconPros

Lightweight and easy to fold for travel and storage

Grows with your child and the base lengthens as well as the handlebars

Easy to put together

The wheels flash as they go

Con IconCons

My son kept trying to push the logo, thinking it was a button that did something

What is it?

SmarTrike Xtend Scooter
SmarTrike Xtend Scooter

A scooter with a one-of-a-kind 3-stage extendable footboard, which means it grows with your child and can be used from 3+ up to pre-teen years of 12+. Easy to manoeuvre and XL LED wheels that flash and can go over rough surfaces.

Overall Thoughts…

“My son loves this scooter. He’s had other ones, but this is the one I feel he is the most comfortable with, and I feel safe with him using it. He’s quite small, and most scooters are too large, but this is great as it adapts to your child’s size. I’m so fed up with buying new things every time he grows, but this is an excellent option as it can be used up to the pre-teen years. He loves the flashing lights, and the scooter turns and manoeuvres well, which makes it easy for him to use.”

Any Downsides?

“I couldn’t think of anything other than he thought the logo was a button at first and got upset that it didn’t do anything when he pressed it. But not much can be done about that; it’s just kids being kids. I suppose it’s a little more expensive than some other models but the fact that your child can use it for such a long amount of time makes it so worth it.”

Where to Buy it…

Xtend Scooter
Xtend Scooter

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