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Reviewed by: TMC Editor Lydia House

Pro IconPros

Saves time and money

Frozen blocks that help you create meals

Can be bought as a one-off or subscription

Homemade and so tasty

Con IconCons

They’re not a complete meal and you need to add to them

What is it?

“Frozen homemade food blocks (for adults and children) that you keep in your freezer. Heat them in a pan or microwave and pair them with a carb or vegetable for an easy, quick, delicious dinner.”

Overall Thoughts

“One of my biggest bugbears of being a mum is that I’m now in charge of ALL the meals. My husband sometimes cooks, but generally, it’s always me. Often, I lose the will to think about what everyone is going to eat, or I’m too tired to even do it. These blocks are so good as you can keep them in your freezer. A brilliant backup when there’s nothing in the fridge. They’re also versatile, as you can serve them with anything you like, like eggs, rice, pasta or potato. I love that you cook with them, instead of them being a complete meal. That’s both costly and can go to waste.”

How Does it Compare to Other Brands?
How Does it Compare to Other Brands?

“I’ve tried food boxes like Hello Fresh and Mindful Chef but often find it stressful to follow a recipe, even if it’s simple. I’ve also found that I leave to cook them until the very last date of expiry. While other fully made frozen meals are great, they can be expensive, and for me, they feel a bit indulgent. These frozen blocks are the perfect solution as they cut out the time it takes to make a delicious and healthy sauce, but I can use them whenever I want and tailor the meal I want to make. From baked eggs to burritos, the blocks work as a great base, resulting in a delicious meal every time.”

Is It Good Value for Money?
Is It Good Value for Money?

“It’s such good value. I used the signup offer and got 15% off, which meant my monthly subscription was £37. This means I get 4 packs a month. So, depending on what you use the blocks for, that’s at least 8 meals for approx £9. Which is amazing! I’d also say you’d get a lot more than 8. It just depends on what you’re using them for.”

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Would you recommend it?

“Yes, definitely! They have a range for both kids and adults, and I particularly like the Legendary Lentil Bolognese for the children, but really, it’s the adult range that really impressed us. The Sausage Arrabbiata makes the most delicious sauce for baked eggs or pasta, and the Smokey No’rizo has become my new favourite pasta sauce. We recently tried the Smoky Pork to make burgers, which was great too. My husband also loved the Tarragon Chicken. Everything we’ve tried so far is delicious, and I’m sure we’ll be subscribers for a very long time.”

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Stocked Food

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