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Reviewed by: TMC Editor Lydia House

Pro IconPros

It helps rebalance your gut

The effects are noticeable

It’s good for people who suffer from IBS – C and D

It helps regulate bowel movements

It helps repair your stomach after illness and antibiotics

Con IconCons

It can be hard to remember to take it before eating and drinking each morning.

It’s expensive

It doesn’t taste that good

What is it?

Symprove is a gut supplement rooted in science and raved about by thousands. It delivers billions of bacteria to your gut in a morning shot. Arriving alive, they work to balance your microbiome and give you a good gut feeling! Symprove’s live bacteria helps stimulate the “good bacteria” you already have.

Overall Thoughts…

Pre-kids, I had an unstable diet lacking in fibre and a lifestyle that included a lot of boozy late nights and beige food. Probably due to this, I suffered quite frequently from IBS-C issues (constipation). In this stage of my life, I used Symprove a few times to help rebalance my gut and alleviate these issues.
After having kids, I’ve experienced the reverse and suffered from IBS-D (diarrhoea), which can be tricky when you have two demanding toddlers, and you need to run to the loo quickly.
The kids also love to bring home nursery bugs, resulting in me taking antibiotics on a few occasions in the last few years.
Needless to say, my gut and bowel have taken a hit. However, I was a little worried that taking Symprove would worsen the issue because, in my first experience, it had a clear-out effect, and I had quite a few bowel movements.
But after reading it could help with both IBS C and D and works to level and balance the gut I was excited to hopefully regain a more regular bowel habit.

The Results...
The Results…

Unbelievably, I noticed a difference within a few days and started to see regular stools. Even after a night out, things were much more stable, and my stomach felt more capable of dealing with a margarita fuelled bashing. Many claim to see an improvement in overall health and energy, but I’d find it hard to say if this was true as our children are still tiny. Sleep (or lack thereof) is usually the most significant factor in a better get-up-and-go. Over the last few months, I’ve experienced better energy levels, but it’s also coincided with nights with no wake-ups, and I’ve also improved my diet and lifestyle. So, it’s a hard one to pinpoint.

Any Downsides...
Any Downsides…

During the 12-week programme, you take a 70ml shot on an empty stomach each morning before eating or drinking for 10 minutes. I’ve found it hard to remember to take it first thing and reorder my morning schedule, where I drink tea as soon as I wake up. Ten minutes feels like a long time when you’re a caffeine-dependent mum, and often, I completely forget to take it. But now I’ve found a better rhythm and try to take my shot as soon as I get downstairs, and then by the time I’ve sorted out the two children with breakfast and the kettle has boiled, usually ten minutes have passed, and I can drink my tea or coffee. It doesn’t always go according to plan, but I’m getting better at it.
The only other downside is the taste but it’s not that bad and you get used to it. You can also get different flavours but i tried these before and found the original the least offensive.

Where to Buy it…

Symprove Water-Based Gut Supplement With Live and Active Bacteria, Original Flavour
Symprove Water-Based Gut Supplement With Live and Active Bacteria, Original Flavour

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