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Reviewed by: TMC Designer, Jen Williamson

Pro IconPros

Easy – few mins to cook from frozen

Variety of meal options and hidden veggies

Appealing packaging – engages child

Con IconCons

Cost – couldn’t rely on it long term but a few meals here and there is helpful

Overall Thoughts

With a slightly fussy eater I was really keen for my 3.5 year old to try these meals from Rumble Tums. When the box arrived with fun, colourful packaging and a sheet of stickers, we were already off to a good start.

What was it like?
What was it like?

First meal up was Hey Presto Chicken Pesto! Coming from a child who, majority of the time, will only eat meat if it’s shaped like dinosaurs and covered in breadcrumbs, I was unsure how this would go down but she loved it! The carrot and potato ‘chips’ were a win too and luckily the portion size was enough for seconds. The Tuna Bakey was another huge hit and I love that this one is packed with hidden veggies in the sauce. There are also side pots of greens which are really useful for additional veg.

Would you recommend it?

Definitely! We got to a point where my little one was excited to choose her next meal and I can’t tell you the relief of knowing dinner time can now be simple, she’s getting the nutrients she needs, and on top of that, the fact that the meals are frozen is a game changer. Because how much easier is mum life when there’s a healthy, delicious and very nutritious meal prepared in the freezer that only takes a few mins to heat?! And your kid will actually eat it – I’m converted.

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