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Despite their size, little people need a hell of a lot of stuff. And not only do their things take up a lot of room, but they also cost a fortune.

But what if we said that you could rent their clothes and save yourself some space, cash and help the planet in the process?

Yep! Whether you’re a first time Mum or you’re already storing a mountain of differently sized items, a new rental service is about to make your life easier (and cheaper!).

Meet Bundlee! A baby clothing rental service that is made for parents hoping to reduce cost and waste – without compromising on style.

Want to know more? We tried it out for you. Read on to find out what we thought…

1. It saves you money

Often ethical options tend to cost more money but not with Bundlee. And while we loved the Capsule Subscription for providing essential stylish items that can save you around £200 per month, we were particularly fond of the saving that the Personalised Subscription offered. Not only do you get to choose what is delivered, but you can also pick from an array of designer pieces that you might not usually be able to afford. The saving can be as significant as £300+ a set! And the best bit? You get to dress your little ones in brands like Mori, Mini Rodini, Patagonia, The Bonnie Mob and Hatley. ‘Insta Mum’ life here we come!

2. The environment will thank you

It’s likely that you’re already acutely aware of the volume of waste children produce. The number of wipes and nappies they go through is just offensive. But you might not know that just one babygrow takes 250 litres of water and 2kg of carbon emissions to produce. By choosing to rent your clothes from Bundlee, you could help save 86% of the CO2 emissions and 96% of the water usage compared to buying new baby clothes. Bundlee is also extremely careful about the brands they provide and will only stock designs that have been produced with sustainability in mind. Eve says, “The fabric we use in Bundlee Originals (Bundlee’s own brand) is made using 70% renewable energy, and we use ozone sanitisation that doesn’t have any chemical waste”. Now that’s what we call incentive! Plus, one of the things we also noticed (and loved) was how the items we ordered arrived. Even the tag on the reusable packaging was biodegradable – they’ve literally thought of everything.

3. It makes your life easier

Working as a flexible monthly subscription (meaning you can pause or cancel anytime), Bundlee’s plans cover a set number of pieces that can be swapped in and out whenever you like. All you have to do is pick a plan that works for you, and voila, a beautiful set of clothes is delivered to your door. Not only is the website so simple to use, but we also loved that you can keep the items for as little or as long as you like. This is particularly ideal if your child goes through a sudden growth spurt and suddenly nothing fits them. Once Bundlee receive your returned items you simply choose the next size up. And whether you pick Bundlee’s Capsule Subscription or opt for the Personalised Subscription, both save you time and effort, as all the clothes are edited by experts to suit a stylish lifestyle and mind. Bundlee Founder Eve Kekeh told us, “We didn’t want people to be scrolling through a mass of pictures and wasting hours online, so we have carefully curated the pieces we stock so it doesn’t feel overwhelming”.

4. There’s no need to worry about stains

We’ve got to admit that one of our first thoughts about renting baby wear was ‘what about the poo stains!!’. When you’re a nervous, and tired, new mum, the last thing you need is another worry. ‘Bundlee have got you covered’, says Eve, ‘Honestly, stains are no issue, let us worry about that and just send the item back. Your subscription includes rental insurance, which covers stains and general wear and tear. Plus, we also use specialised and hygienic cleaning services, which can remove most marks that you might not be able to get out at home and anything we don’t think is suitable to be sent out again we give to charity, or we recycle. Nothing ends up in landfill’.

5. It’s ideal for first-time mums

Navigating what your newborn needs can feel incredibly overwhelming. It’s hard to know what to buy and how much to get. We still don’t fully understand the difference between a romper and a sleepsuit. Is there one? Bundlee makes it easy with their Capsule Subscription service, £24, as they send out a pack of products containing an array of essentials. Eve adds, “The capsule plan is perfect for new mums as it makes the decision process simple”. Of course, you’ll still need to buy other items like socks and muslins, but this 15-piece set will cover the large number of things you need and works as an ideal gift to give yourself or to send onto others.

6. You can mix and match different sizes

Ever bought a set of clothes and the trousers slip off your little one’s bum but the jumper fits them just so? Every child is different, and just like adults, they can be longer or shorter in their tops, bottoms and accessories. Bundlee solves this issue as many of the styles are available in different sizes, meaning you can mix and match your separates and can flip between age ranges. You can also send things back and swap to a larger or smaller size if it turns up and the fit isn’t right.

7. You have more room at home

Planning on having another baby and holding on to previously worn clothes that are filling up cupboards and closets? You’re not on your own. According to a study by Hubbub, over a 180 million pieces of outgrown baby clothes are currently stored in UK homes. Yikes, that’s a severe amount of hoarding. And unless you’ve got a mansion, we could all do with freeing up some space. Renting clothes means someone else is storing them for you. And even though you send the items back, if there’s a particular style you loved the first-time round (if it’s still in stock), you can revisit it the next time you need it. Eve says, “We get a lot of parents coming back asking for the same bits they loved for previous children or renting matching looks for siblings”.


Capsule Subscription, £24 per month can save you £200+ per set


Personalised Subscription, £39 per month can save you £300+ per set

Pick your plan here https://bundlee.co.uk/pages/pick-your-plan

Get your first month free when you sign up to Bundlee with code: TMC100

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