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Wardrobe disconnection after birth, is a ‘thing’! And one of the hardest items to shop for is our beloved jeans!
But it doesn’t have to feel stressful! Says Leading Stylist, Sarah Barlow. “Having a pair of flattering, comfy postpartum trousers will do wonders for your self-esteem”. Here, she shares her most figure-flattering styles.

Feel confident in flattering styles

“Please be kind to yourself. You’ve just had a baby, so your stomach is bound to be different, and it would be strange if you weren’t a bigger size. It’s important to ignore all sizes and numbers and focus on cuts and styling. You’ll be surprised at how incredible the right fit of trousers will make you feel.”

The Best Jeans to Wear After a Baby

“High-waisted cuts with stretch are the ones to look for. They provide coverage and support and pull attention upwards to the smaller part of your waist. Look for curvy or hourglass fits that compliment shapely figures.”

“The perfect pair of jeans is one item that takes a while to find, and blocking out a long solo trip to the shops is probably pretty impossible right now. So I suggest ordering a few to your house, then you can try them at your leisure. Order a few different sizes, and don’t be disheartened if it takes a while. Or if you need to size up a few times.”

The Best Postpartum Trouser Style

“Right now, drawstring waists are your friend. They are so flattering as they pull you in and often the little tie details acts as a distraction for the eye. They are also practical for a postpartum body that’s healing and changing. We often think of them as casual items, but the fashion industry has embraced them (probably due to COVID), and they’ve become extremely stylish.”

Try Out a Jumpsuit

“Try looking for a jumpsuit with a tie at the waist. They work in the same way as drawstring trousers and will pull you in and flatter your figure. They’re also a complete outfit, and you’ll probably find they become one of your favourite things to throw on.”

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