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There’s a reason why they call the months after birth ‘The Fourth Trimester’ and to be honest ours felt like it lasted a lot longer than three months.

So go easy on yourself and remember you need looking after too!

You Don’t Need To Go Anywhere.

After months of harbouring a tiny human it’s normal to want to want to get back out there but those first few weeks are can be overwhelming and you will experience a lot of emotions, so take it slow. Of course it’s great to get out a bit but let people come to you (and make them bring cake).

Take Your Vitamins.

We took SUCH good care of ourselves in pregnancy. Slathering ourselves in 4 litres of Bio-Oil every night, without fail! And while it’s likely that post-birth you won’t have time to fit in 15 minutes of mindfulness a day; you can pop a multi-vit pill with ease.

Stay Comfortable

Treat yourself to some seriously comfy and stylish sweats because trust us you’ll be wearing them a lot!

It’s Ok to Ask for Help

Postpartum depression is more than feeling emotional and fatigued after delivery. It isn’t a weakness or character flaw and a lot of women experience it. You will more than likely feel down during those first few days after birth. However if this feeling persists you might just need some extra support. We recommend PANDAS who specialise in post-natal awareness and support and they have a free helpline that anyone can call: 0808 1961 776

PANDAS Foundation

Download Deliveroo

If you didn’t have time to batch cook before then just order in, online shop or do ANYTHING that makes your life easier. This is not the time to worry about homecooked meals. We’re just surviving. A bit like Bear Grylls but with Uber Eats.

And Get Netflix..

….and Amazon Prime. And Disney Plus. And Apple TV. And Sky.

New babies sleep ALL THE TIME (except when you actually want them to) so get a list and binge watch like a pro.
*Oh and don’t put on Baby TV. They can’t see further than their nose, so don’t subject yourself to that shit before you have to.

Give Yourself Some Time Off

If you can, squirrel away a little bit of cash to spend on indulgences during mat leave. Some massages, manicures or facials, whatever makes life feel good. And yes of course you can go when your partner isn’t working but don’t be afraid to ask family and friends to take the baby so you can go in the week too. The weeks are long and hard, so it’s a good idea to break them up. People want to help *and you don’t have to tell them it’s physio.

Let Other People Help You

Even if they don’t do it exactly right, and they can never find anything, and they leave your baby solo on the changing table whilst they wander off to get a nappy.
Their help will be invaluable and you need to rest.
You cannot do it all. *Repeats to self for 18 years.

Get a Routine.

Try to wake up and have a shower every morning or at the very least gently cleanse your face with a warm cloth. Even if you’ve had a shitter of a night. Just do it. It will make you feel a bit better.

Be Patient With Yourself.

This is a marathon, not a sprint. The fourth trimester is a huge adjustment for your baby, you, and your family. Ask for help when you need it, sleep when you need it, and shower when you need it. Soon your baby will learn to sleep longer stretches, you both will conquer feeding, and you’ll adapt and adjust, as will your baby – with plenty of laughs and smiles along the way.

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