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Meet Sam, the new CEO of MissPap, a brand owned by Boohoo. Sam was re-poached by Boohoo having spent a hugely successful 8 years at Miss Guided where she worked extremely hard and climbed her way up to Brand Director. Now, a mum to one year old Anders, her life has changed somewhat but her career goals haven’t and so she is determined to change the way mothers are dealt with in the work place. We met with Sam, and we can honestly say she is the kind of women you want to be your boss!!!

What Has Been Your Biggest Challenge In Your Career So Far?

The biggest challenge by far was coming back from maternity leave and juggling a demanding fast paced job with sleepless nights. It was a real struggle getting my head back into it and pretending I had my shit together, when I definitely didn’t! I’d say it took about 6 months until I started feeling on top of my game again. Wine also helped.

What Do You Love About What You Do?

I love the creativity but combining it with the commercial side – it’s great when you see sales and results from what you have put together from campaigns and collaborations. Also the people – I spent years building an amazing team of incredibly talented people – they are what made it and became my little family.

How Do You Manage The Work/Life Balance As A Career Women And Mother?

I find that part so hard. I don’t think I’ve quite nailed it yet, maybe I never will. Its about being strict with yourself and putting your life into compartments and not mixing the 2. So I try not to do emails or get distracted on my phone when I’m with Anders, I tell myself things can always wait. I also make sure I leave work in time, it’s so important to me to have an hours quality time with him when I’m home and never ever miss his bedtime.

What Does A Typical Working Day In The Life Of Samantha Look Like?

Every morning Anders comes in our room. I give him his breakfast (in our bed) whilst we have a coffee and watch TV to wake up. It’s a cute way to all start the day together. Then I take him to nursery on my way to work. Work is always madness, I leave the office at 5pm, pick him up, tea time then bed. After that we cook something for us (nearly always with a glass of red) before finishing my emails in bed.

What Do You Do For Down Time?

Mainly drinking more wine ? And as many family holidays in Ibiza as possible

Has Having A Baby Changed Your Mindset In Anyway In Business?

Completely. It’s made me far more motivated to earn more money for his future now it’s not all about me. Also I have less patience, my time feels more precious so I avoid people who feel like they are wasting it

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