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Ahh sleep, the thing we used to get so much of!

Whether you’re trying to get your babies to bed or your kids are a bit older and you struggle with drifting off, a good night’s sleep is no longer a given.

But there are a few tools you can use to help, and who better to advise us than The Mum Club founders Jess and Lauren, who have 6 kids between them!

Read on to find out their all time sleep essentials for mum and baby.

The Best Things to Help You Sleep

Tempur Comfort Cloud Pillow

It seems like a massive splurge to spend this much on a pillow but trust us – it’s worth it! Your head softly sinks into it but it’s still firm, which reduces the amount you toss and turn before drifting off.

Neom Wellbeing pod

We’re obsessed with this diffuser and we like to use it with lots of different scents but it’s an essential for sleep and the Perfect Night’s Sleep Essential Oil Blend (£20) is the dreamiest fragrance to fill your room before bed.

Votary Pillow Spray

There’s something about the ritual of spraying a pillow mist over our beds before we get in that just makes us feel like we’re in a spa. The fragrance contains sleep inducing lavender that helps us relax and calm our whirring minds.

Neubria Sleep Supplements

We’ve both encountered issues with drifting off and since taking these supplements we’ve noticed a vast improvement. They are formulated to aid relaxation so you get to sleep quicker but they also help with sleep quality and duration. And while they can’t do anything about a baby that wakes up they will enhance the time that you get with head to pillow.

M&S Jersey Pyjamas

These are made from the softest fabric and are breathable, which means you don’t get too hot and wake up in the night. They’re also extremely comfy without looking dowdy.

How to Help Your Baby Sleep Better

Hush White Noise

If you don’t already know about the magical powers of white noise, then it’s time you did. It helps promote relaxation prior to sleep by providing a constant soothing sound for the brain to settle on. It’s also works to drown out noises that might disturb sleep throughout the noise. The only issue is you staying awake wherever it’s on.

Chicco Next to Me

This allows you to sleep next to your baby without being in the same bed. Your baby can safely sleep in the crib next to you, allowing you to respond quickly, whether for feeding, changing or night time snuggles.

Baby Mori Clever Sleeping Bag

These bags are made from beautifully soft organic cotton and bamboo fabric, which is breathable and thermoregulating to help keep your baby or toddler at the perfect temperature all night. It also features a double-direction zipper to make nighttime changes a little bit easier – great in the early days.

Gro Anywhere Blackout Blinds

We’d never have believed the difference a beam of sunshine could make to a little one’s sleep, but every sleep expert we’ve ever encountered, mentions them as a must-have. And we 100% agree. These are great as you can take them down and with your whenever you travel.

Jelly Cat Bashful Bunny

Not all of our children took to comforters or cuddly toys but the ones that did were obsessed with Jelly Cat cuddly toys and comforters and they massively helped with getting them to sleep when we travelled to other places and they weren’t in their crib or cot.

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