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Sleep. Now that’s an overused word in any parenting journey. Are you getting enough of it, is the baby/toddler/child doing it? There never seems to be an end to the obsession with it.

This March (19th) is World Sleep Day. A day that celebrates and aims to educate around the importance of sleep for achieving optimal quality of life and overall health. So, whether you’re having good sleeps or bad, we’ve put together Jess and Lauren (our founders), edit of their essentials. As after all, they do have 5 children between them, so you’d hope they’d have picked up a tip or two on getting a good sleep along the way.

Baby picks

Marcpac Dohm White Noise

If you don’t already know about the magical powers of white noise, then get to know. It helps promote relaxation prior to sleep by providing a constant soothing sound for the brain to settle on. It’s also works to drown out noises that might disturb sleep throughout the noise. The only issue is you staying awake wherever it’s on.

Babymoov Doomoo Cocoon

A must have for being able to pop down the baby safely and securely, anywhere. You can use it from birth until 8 months and it’s also safe for overnight sleep. It has a faff-free, washable organic cotton cover. Plus, it’s made from special 3D mesh fabric for good ventilation around the baby’s head. Babymoov is also launching a special 2-week promo on the 19th, so you can get a free white organic cotton spare cover (worth £39.99) with the Babymoov Doomoo Cocoon (RRP £89.99). To purchase the offer, both products to the basket at babymoov.co.uk and enter code FREECOVER for the discount to be applied.

Jojo Mama Bebe Sleep suit with arms

Jojo says ‘you might find your baby sleeps more soundly in a sleeping bag’ – well we’re convinced they do. Designed to keep them cosy without the need for blankets that are often kicked off, this is just an easier way to get babies snug for bed.

Gro Anywhere Blackout Blinds

We’d never have believed the difference a beam of sunshine could make to a little one’s sleep, but every sleep expert we’ve ever encountered, mentions them as a must-have. And that’s always been a good enough reason for us to invest.

Jelly Cat Comforter Woody

Suitable from birth, the Jelly Cat teddy collection is not only soft and fluffy for our children, they’re also more pleasing on the eye than a lot of the louder, more primary-coloured toys on the market. Which is why we’ll always opt for these as gifts for our children (and everyone else’s!)

Mum picks

Four Five CBD Drops

A daily dose for us, these CBD drops might be placebo, or they might just be the ticket that helps us drift off into a peaceful slumber. Either way, we take them daily, just in case.

Neom Wellbeing pod

We pair this pod with essential oils and switch up our scent dependant on our wellbeing needs, but for sleep, it’s the Perfect Night’s Sleep Essential Oil Blend (£20), that we can’t be without.

Votary Pillow Spray

According to Votary co-founder Arabella Preston, beauty sleep is just as important as a good skincare regime for a flawless complexion. So Pillow Spray is lightly misted over our sheets a part of our night time ritual in the hope it helps with both.

Space Mask

With their heated pads, Space Masks are our go to if we’re having trouble switching off to sleep and want to feel a little more pampered. Pop one on and let the jasmine infused masks help you ease tired eyes and drift off.

Bourne Sisters Star Print PJs

Can you ever have enough PJs? We can’t and these Bourne Sister PJ’s are fit for the whole fam- if only our husbands would join in!!!!

All products on this page have been selected by our editorial team, however we may make commission on some products.

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