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The ‘joy of pregnancy’ comes with a whole host of side effects and an extra serving of unsolicited advice. Growing a human is tricky enough without having to navigate your way through a sea of misinformation. Here’s our TMC guide to those pregnancy myths that are total BS..

Morning Sickness Just Happens In The Morning

Let’s start with the obvious. Pre-pregnancy we naively presumed we’d just wake up and vom before cracking on with the rest of our day. OH HOW WRONG WE WERE. The reality is pregnancy sickness doesn’t seem to give a shit about punctuality; it can actually happen any time of the day or night.

You Have To Stop Exercising

Gym bunnies of the world rejoice! There’s no need to stop exercising the moment you discover you are avec bebe; in fact, it’s actually recommended by the NHS. As your pregnancy progresses, you may have to tailor your workout to accommodate your ever growing bump (READ: No Rock Climbing) but for the most part, you can carry on as normal for as long as you feel comfortable.

You Have To Wear Maternity Clothes

Let’s be honest; whilst there are a handful of amazing maternity brands out there most pregnancy-wear is pretty grim. If you don’t fancy splashing out a wedge of cash on a ‘Baby on Board’ t shirt that won’t fit you a few weeks from now; try sizing up, elasticated waists and a few key investment pieces that will last (we’re still wearing maternity jeans and our kids go to school now).

You Can Eat For Two

You might be as devo’d as us to learn that most women only need an extra 200 calories per day in the final trimester of pregnancy. Personally, we demand a recount. We were told there’d be more cake.

You Can Guess The Sex From The Shape Of Your Bump

There’s actually no evidence to support that the shape of your ever-expanding tummy gives a clue to the gender of your baby. Unfortunately, this won’t stop your Mother-in-Law declaring ‘it’s definitely a boy’ because you’re ‘carrying it all in the back’ (whatever that means).

You Can’t Have Sex

Unless you’re advised otherwise, sex is completely safe and there’s absolutey zero chance of poking the baby in the head (a common worry amongst totally modest men). Let’s file this under things you don’t necessarily HAVE to do just because you CAN….

It’s The Most Magical Time

Some women enjoy every second of pregnancy. Those women are magical pregnancy unicorns. For the rest of us, there are moments where the weight gain, nausea, swelling and internal battering from tiny baby feet get all too much; and that’s pretty normal.

You’ll Get That Pregnancy ‘Glow’

Firstly; not always true. Many women actually complain of increased breakouts, dry or acne-prone skin during pregnancy; as fluctuating hormone levels send your skin into overdrive. Secondly; we’re not ‘glowing’ so much as ‘sweating’.

You Can’t Eat That!

Dippy eggs, sushi, cheese; if it’s delicious and you want it, the chances are there’s some article somewhere about why you shouldn’t be eating it. The truth is the guidance changes all the time, so make sure you do your research and take guidance directly from your doctor or midwife.

Pregnancy is 9 Months Long

40 weeks = 10 months. BASIC MATHS PEOPLE!

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