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Whether your child is walking or not, these are the best shoes to buy for your baby.

Incredibly stylish, extremely protective and bloody cute!

Want to know when is the right time to get them?

Scroll down for the best tips on what to look for and when to shop.

The best shoes for babies that can’t walk yet

The Best Shoes for Babies Who Have Just Learnt to Walk

“When should I get shoes for my baby?”

Shoe experts Start-Rite say, “The best time to look for shoes, is when your baby starts to explore the outdoors on two feet. That is the correct time to look for more protection. Until then, barefoot is best for healthy development.”

“Should my baby wear shoes as soon as they begin to walk?”

Start-Rite say, “Buy your baby walking shoes, when they are beginning to explore the outdoors on two feet and need more protection. At this stage the toddler still needs to have as much contact with the ground as they can, for sensory input allowing them to develop their critical connections between their receptors and the brain to form coordination skills and sensorimotor activity. During this stage, the child is busy discovering relationships between their body and the environment. Shoes must allow natural movement with the right level of support and protection for toddlers’ unique soft and lightly structured feet. This allows them to develop naturally, gain the right level of feedback from the terrain beneath their feet and protect them throughout all their exploring.”

“What do I need to look for in my baby’s first shoes?”

Follow Start-Rite’s easy to follow guide

1. SHAPE: Shoes that are designed specifically for the shape of a child’s foot. It is very important that children do not wear styles created for adult feet, reduced to a child’s size.

2. GROWING ROOM: Rounded toe with added growing room to allow for growth of developing muscles, ligaments and bones.

3. PRECISION FIT: Whole and half sizes and multi-width fittings to ensure the best possible fit.

4. BREATHABILITY: Breathable linings for maximum comfort, allowing perspiration to escape through the surface of the shoe.

5. SECURITY: Secure rip-tape fasteners to give toddlers control and peace of mind they are not curling their toes to keep their shoes on.

6. SOFTNESS: High grade leather for extra durability.

7. SUPPORT: Padded ankle support and cushioned insoles with outsoles designed to be supple, flexible and allow the foot to form naturally to help with stability at this early stage of gait development.

8. LIGHTWEIGHT: Lightweight and flexible soles to allow natural easy movement to gain the right level of feedback from the terrain beneath their feet so the foot can perform naturally as an important influencer in overall physical development.

9. BUMP-PROOF: Scuff-proof heel and tow bumpers without adding weight or bulk.

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