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September 15th marks World Afro Day. The event, which is celebrated worldwide, is the brainchild of Michelle De Leon, who created World Afro Day as a way for us to collectively celebrate coiled, curly and kinky hair textures as well as educate the world about the beauty and uniqueness of textured hair. To celebrate, we showcase 7 incredible young queens (and young kings) who proudly rock their mane with confidence, inspiring a generation of children.

Miles and Mia

As one half of the inspiring brother and sister duo, Miles and Mia, Mia Nicole has packed a lot of achievements in her young life including a successful modelling career and being the muse of a self-titled book series entitled ‘Miles and Mia. The talented 9-year-old frequently wears her beautiful natural Afro tresses in a range of styles including braids, buns and Afro puffs.

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Maliya Kabs

With a whopping 1 million followers on both Instagram and YouTube to say the Kabs Family is a social media sensation would be a vast understatement. Undoubtedly the standout star from this adorable family is Maliya Kabs. The charismatic cutie has created many a viral moment with her impromptu renditions of classic songs belted out with gusto in the car with her dad. We also we love the fact that she wears a variety of gorgeous natural hairstyles including braids, beads and cornrows.

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Celai West

Celai West has made a lot of waves in a short space of time as a successful model, vlogger, author, activist, STEMgirl and a spokesperson for World Afro Day. The young beauty can be often seen wearing her beautiful ‘fro in all its glory, inspiring young Black girls with curly, coily and kinky hair across the globe.

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Having modelled for iconic fashion brands and featured on the cover of magazines, Santanna is a young up and coming personality who exudes confidence and personality. She also has beautiful, lengthy and healthy-looking textured hair and shares tips and hacks on how to maintain it on your YouTube channel.

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Kizzi Rose’Monáe

Black and mixed heritage girls and boys are often underrepresented in the media, so it’s so encouraging to see the likes of model/actress Kizzi Rose’Monáe featured in TV adverts and ad campaigns for brands like Primark, Next, Zara and Burberry. We know how important it is for one’s self esteem to see positive reflections of themselves in the media, so Kizza’s presence could not be more appreciated. Plus, could her ‘fro be any more glorious?

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The Morgan Brothers

It’s important to recognise that boys need to see positive representations of Afro hair in the media too, so hats off to Ethan, Kayden and Stefan AKA The Morgan Brothers for being such a positive force for change as young models and magazine cover stars. The brothers’ IG page is filled with both modern and classic styles like the high-top fade and creative zig zag lines, and also features powerful captions encouraging young Black boys to love the beauty and uniqueness of Afro hair.

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Jayde Kamille

With an IG bio that reads ‘six and sassy’ you know that Jayde Kamilee is a force to be reckoned with. As a mini-entrepreneur, influencer, TikToker and book reviewer, Jayde’s Instagram grid is a vibrant mood board capturing her active life as well as her beautiful coils frequently worn in a succession of classic styles such as braids, Bantu knots, cornrows and loose curls.

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