9 Laundry Hacks That Could Change Your Life

Who knew that becoming a parent would mean you spend 65% of your time washing and organising clothes!

We also spend way more money on their clothes than on ours. So, when their new very cool sweater gets a stain on it, we’re definitely more annoyed than we should be.

However, we are 100%, not the kind of people who know how to get that shit out (actually that’s a lie, Jess, TMC Franchise Coordinator, is!).

So we’ve leaned on the expert know-how of the Queen of Clean, Lynsey Crombie. Who is the UK’s No. 1 home & lifestyle expert, best-selling author and successful clean-fluencer (yes that’s a thing!). To bring you, and whoever does the washing, some hopefully life-changing tips.

*Oh and there’s also a tip in there from TMC’s Jess.

How to wash your clothes better

  1. You need to stop using hot water
    Using hot water? Stop, says Lynsey. “Most baby food stains are protein based so these are pretty easy to get out, but you must always use cold water as hot water will set the stain even further into the fabric. Reverse the garment and flush under a cold tap to push as much of the stain out as you can using just the water.”
    “Washing up liquid is normally all you need. After the cold flush rub in a few drops of washing up liquid, leave to sit for approx. 15 minutes, rinse, then wash as normal.”
    “If you are finding that most of the babies’ items are stained and don’t have the time to stand and pre-treat each stain, add into the wash a non bio stain remover, I recommend Astonish OXY active non bio stain remover, with this product you just add a scoop direct to the drum before adding in your laundry.”
  2. You don’t need a specific baby wash
    Lynsey says, “Always use a non bio wash because the stain busting enzymes in bio can be too harsh for babies’ skins. But most brands do a non-bio option and you do not need to go for baby specific brands.”
  3. These are the best stain removers
    Lynsey says, “All stain removers tend to work if you follow the instructions, Vanish just tends to be a higher priced stain remover.”
    “For stubborn stains that won’t budge I highly recommend use ACE, treat the stain as soon as you can and then wash as normal. Or add in a Oxy Active non bio stain remover to your wash.”
  4. How to get the whitest wash
    Lynsey says, “To achieve the whitest washing use bicarbonate of soda. Put it into each wash and add a big scoop direct to the drum.”
  5. Hang your clothes near a window to remove stains
    Jess, TMC Franchise Coordinator (and also our resident cleaning expert), says, “Hanging your whites in sunlight after you’ve cleaned them helps to get rid of baby poo and tomato stains. The sun acts as a natural bleaching agent as its UV rays break down the stains molecular structure. Obviously far more effective in summer but one I’ve tried and it definitely works.”
  6. The best way to remove pen marks
    Lynsey says, “For felt pens marks, a mixture of washing up liquid and white vinegar will get these out, rub in together and leave to soak.”

    “For ink, soak in full fat milk overnight and then wash as normal.”
  7. Why you should wash baby clothes before they wear them
    Lynsey says, “Baby clothes can pick up a lot of dust and irritants between the warehouse, the shop, and your home. So, it is a good idea to give them a little refresh as babies have such sensitive skin.”
    Don’t have time? TMC Editor, Lydia House says, “I definitely did this for my first baby and my mum thought I was mad. However, my son’s skin is very sensitive, so I’m glad I did. I didn’t always do it with my second and he was fine. So if you don’t have time, I wouldn’t stress about it too much. You’ll. know soon enough if your baby is more sensitive than others.”
  8. The best way to get out bolognese stains
    Lynsey says, “As this is a protein stain if treated quick will come out easily with a cold flush and washing up liquid.”
  9. Marks on clothes after every wash? This might be why…
    Lynsey says, “If your washing is coming out of your machine with marks on then this is a sign that your washing machine is not clean, it is very important that we look after and clean the things that clean for us. Clean the machine and also empty and clean the filter, to clean the machine there are many great washing machine cleaners available from the supermarkets such as Dr Beckmann and Vamoosh or you can use soda crystals.”
    “Don’t forget to take out the drawer and give this a soak.”

Reviewed by us: HFX Hoover Cordless Pet Vacuum Cleaner with CORNER GENIE™

“This has tons of functions and has made cleaning my house and car so much easier. Even with two unruly toddlers.”

Reviewed by TMC Editor: Lydia House

Pro IconPros

It has a turbo setting that makes cleaning quicker, more efficient, and more fun.

You can store it anywhere and it’s easy to charge and very slimline, which means it can fit in the smallest of spaces. It also converts to a smaller handheld vacuum, which comes with additional attachments and bin.

Being cordless, it’s quick to whip out, making vacuuming less chore.

The motorised mini power nozzle is perfect for pet hair and if you have messy toddlers, as it lifts the dirt from sofas, chairs and surfaces. It also has a long crevice tool that helps you reach awkward spots.

It’s easy to empty the dirt, as you simply press down on a quick-release pedal.

Con IconCons

The 5-year warranty is subject to registration within 30 days from purchase. So don’t forget to do it.

You’ll become obsessed with hoovering (and the turbo option).

20% Off ALL Hoover Products

Use the code TMC20 for 20% off all Hoover products at HooverDirect.co.uk

What is the Hoover Cordless Pet Vacuum Cleaner with CORNER GENIE™?

No corners are left unsucked with the HFX cordless vacuum cleaner. Giving you 30 minutes of cord-free suction power, it’s the revolutionary new way to clean your home. The clever vacuum comes with multiple attachments, is lightweight, and has a handy loop that makes it easy to carry around the home. Designed to pick up dirt from hard-to-reach areas, the innovative CORNER GENIE™ nozzle allows effortless manoeuvring and reaches hard-to-reach places the attachment is removed via a quick-release pedal, and the flat shape cleans under furniture with ease. The head has anti-twist technology, which prevents hair from wrapping around the brush, and the top section can be easily removed to remove any pieces that get stuck. It also has an LED light to reveal hidden specks in dark places. And it can convert to a handheld vacuum with additional bin and tools included.

Why We Like It…

“I didn’t think changing my vacuum cleaner would make that much of a difference. But this is something else! It comes with so many attachments and charging and cleaning it is a complete doddle. It’s easy to take apart when you get something stuck and taking out the dirt is so simple and done by pressing a pedal. The children used to drive me mad by pressing buttons on our old machine, and it was cumbersome to get out. Now I can get this out quickly and vacuum up their mess immediately. The multiple attachments mean I can get into every corner and even use it in my car. The turbo setting is especially great if they’ve brought mud into the house. The turbo setting is especially great if they’ve brought mud into the house. The 2in1 Dusting Brush and Upholstery Tool is also handy for this, as it helps do two jobs simultaneously. You can store it standing up or fold it to fit in a smaller space.”

Shop Now

Any Downsides?

“With so many different attachments and tools, it’s a tech lovers dream. However, that does mean it requires some learning. But even if you’re usually a manual dodger (like me). It’s worth reading up about what it can do as handy things like taking the top off the head, so you can get bits out that get stuck and stop the brush from rotating, are SO handy!!”

Shop Now

Where to Shop

HFX Hoover Cordless Pet Vacuum Cleaner with CORNER GENIE™
HFX Hoover Cordless Pet Vacuum Cleaner with CORNER GENIE™

Shop the vacuum here. And don’t forget to use your exclusive TMC Discount.

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Category – Cordless
Colour – Black-Rose
Weight – 3.65kg
Dimensions – Height: 112cm x Width: 20cm x Depth: 25cm
Capacity – 1.19 L
Run-Time – 30 (mins)
Charging Time – 3.5 (hours)
Warranty – 5 Years (2 Years For Battery)

HFX Hoover Cordless Pet Vacuum Cleaner with CORNER GENIE™


30 min Trying to Conceive Workout

Tailored for those on their journey to parenthood, this 30-minute session combines cardio, Pilates, and functional training.

What Are The Benefits?

Studies have shown that regular, moderate intensity physical activity is linked with a higher rate of pregnancy compared to those who are inactive, and these effects have also been seen in some women experiencing reproductive health problems.

The Bump Plan’s TTC Workout Routine

Designed not just as a workout but as a foundation for future wellness and growth, supporting your body’s preparation for one of life’s most beautiful journeys.

Watch and Do the Workout Here…

A Real Mum’s Experience of Secondary Infertility

“Will you have another? The unrelenting question I’ve been plagued with for most of my late thirties.”

Author: Danielle Fox-Thomas

“At a recent toddler birthday party, another parent commented on how confident my son was and how well he played with the other children. “He’s so kind to the little babies, she exclaimed, quickly followed by ‘are you going to try for another one?”
Well intentioned I’m sure, but to someone who just had, a week prior, another failed embryo transfer, it hit me hard. My reply, one that I’ve honed over years of infertility and in answer to many probing questions was, “unfortunately we can’t conceive naturally but we’re hopeful one day that we might be able to”.
Kind but truthful and most importantly to me – positive.

I’ve always been plagued, like so many, by *those questions* when it comes to having children. It took myself and my husband three very long and trying years with many rounds of treatment to conceive my son – a total privilege and something I don’t take for granted. But we weren’t one and done by choice. Like so many women and men, secondary infertility, less talked about but equally as commonplace (it affects 1 in 7), had caught us in a chokehold.”

Trying for Another…

“Having gone through IVF relatively unscathed for my son, when we decided to dethaw a sibling a few years later, we did so with a fair amount of hope and optimism. In hindsight, we should have been more realistic, whilst the embryos were younger, my body and my uterus were most definitely not. “1 in 3’ we kept muttering to ourselves, every time we had an unsuccessful round. The math, at this point, was not just not mathing.”

What’s Kept Me Going…

“Distractions are key to keeping me sane and positive. My obsession in making the fertility space better served for those women and men TTC (trying to conceive) became my full focus. It also gave me the reason to become part of a growing collective making access to better fertility treatment, services and products – after all, it should be a right, not a privilege. Frustrated with the lack of good quality egg and sperm health supplements at an accessible price point to support my own IVF journey, I co-founded OVA (theovaco.com) a clinically backed fertility and reproductive health supplement brand launching Summer 2024. At OVA, we want to bring the TTC (Trying To Conceive) community the tools to take charge of their reproductive health and be better prepared nutritionally to positively navigate their fertility journey – whatever that route may look like. And my route, it seems, has many twists and turns.”

Find out more about OVA

My Biggest Piece of Advice…

“Find your tribe of cheerleaders – those who have or are going through the same thing as you – it’s far less lonely. OVA’s growing community (WEOVACAME) on whatsapp has selfishly become my safe space as I navigate my next chapter. It’s been there to commiserate, lift me up, laugh with me, lend a much needed kind and hopeful word and advice and given me the confidence to advocate for myself in a medical setting. Most importantly it’s shown me that the TTC community is a very special one and that kindness is guaranteed.”

Join the WEOVACAME WhatsApp Group

The Things That Help Me…

The Apps
The Apps

“Mindful IVF is full of soothing meditations for each phase of your IVF cycle and I also love Mindicine, which has specific sounds waves to relieve stress. Both are excellent for helping to calm an anxious mind.”

Download now
The Podcasts
The Podcasts

“Big Fat Negative, MissionBaby & Am I Ovary Acting? Are my favourites. Hearing others talk about their own fertility journeys, anecdotes, advice and general cheerleading makes you feel a little less alone and a little more in control.”

Listen now
The Resource
The Resource

“The Fertility Network is a brilliant patient friendly hub of information, factsheets, a supportive phone line, nationwide online and offline support groups and advice for fertility in the workplace and living without children after fertility treatment. It’s invaluable, free, and very kind.”

Find out more
The Supplement
The Supplement

“Biased yes! But OVA HER, fertility and pregnancy support is our take on a prenatal supplement, but better. It is designed with your egg health specifically in mind, with 26 clinically backed, scientifically tested and ovary approved ingredients in their more therapeutic forms. *That said, we would always say you cannot out supplement a good diet full of good quality proteins, healthy fats (olive oils, oily fish), dark leafy greens, pulses, nuts and citrus fruits. *If in doubt, think Mediterranean.”

Find out more
At Home Testing
At Home Testing

“My advice for anyone is to be proactive about understanding your own fertility levels. The good news is that it’s never been easier to test your hormone levels at home. I recommend Hertility’s Hormone and Fertility Test – a quick and simple blood test with results explained through their brilliant aftercare stable of doctors. Ease of mind for those who don’t know where to start.”

Read The Mum Club’s Review

My IVF Injection Hack

What’s Next?

“As for my next chapter – I’m about to embark on another embryo transfer but I’m also finding peace in envisioning what the future would look like for us as a triangle family. And to be honest, it’s looking pretty darn good.”

Reviewed by us: Hertility Health

Reviewed by: TMC Style and Content Creator Luzaan Shaw

Pro IconPros

The sign-up process is easy.

Shipping is very quick.

They offer screenings for 18 health conditions, including polycystic ovaries and endometriosis.

You can take your own blood sample.

You can add on a consulation with a fertility advisor after you get your test results at an additional charge.

Con IconCons

You have to wait to take your bloods on the 3rd day of your cycle.

Not great if blood makes you squeamish.

What is it?
What is it?

Hertility Health is a service that provides at-home hormone and fertility testing for women. If you’re curious about your reproductive health, hormonal balance, or fertility, Hertility Health offers an easy and convenient way to gain insights into your body. It’s £149 for the test kit and an added extra for a consultation with a fertility advisor.

Overall Thoughts...
Overall Thoughts…

“I decided to give Hertility Health a try after experiencing a miscarriage over a year ago and because I’ve been curious about my fertility since then.
As I delved into understanding my body more, I stumbled upon Hertility Health on social media.
The questionnaire they provided was incredibly comprehensive, and they transparently outlined the tests they would conduct. With screenings available for 18 health conditions, such as polycystic ovaries and endometriosis, I felt reassured about their thorough approach.
The test kit arrived promptly, and I found it simple to use.
You need to wait until you are on day 3 of your cycle to take the blood test and send it off, and afterwards, you get a Doctor-written report explaining your results, and then you can go from there.”

Is it worth it?
Is it worth it?

“I would say so. The price includes so much. And It’s a speedy and discreet way of finding out about your fertility. I’ve not had any tests done before and am desperate to find out what’s going on with my body and fertility. So for me this is so worth it.
Depending on your results, you might need to book more tests, but this is a great starting point, and I would absolutely recommend it.”

Where to Buy It…

Hertility Health
Hertility Health

Find Out More

Recipe of the week: Spiced Salmon Traybake


2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
2 tsp honey
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp smoked paprika
2 garlic cloves crushed
2 wild-caught salmon fillets skin on
200 g baby new potatoes
Pinch of sea salt

For the green goddess dressing

1 avocado diced
2 tbsp coconut yoghurt
1 small bunch basil (about 25g)
Juice of ½ lemon
Pinch of sea salt

To serve

2 large handfuls of rocket (arugula)
60 g organic sheep’s feta (or dairy-free alternative), cubed
2 tsp sesame seeds


1. Preheat the oven to 200°C (400°F). Line a large baking tray with plastic-free baking parchment.

2. To marinate the salmon, place 1 tablespoon of the olive oil in a small jug with the honey, cumin, paprika and garlic and whisk to combine. Place the salmon in a shallow dish, drizzle with the marinade and turn to coat. Set aside.

3. Spread the potatoes evenly on the prepared tray. Drizzle with the remaining olive oil, sprinkle with the salt and roast for 20 minutes.

4. Meanwhile, make the green goddess dressing. Place the avocado, coconut yoghurt, basil, lemon juice and salt in a food processor and process until smooth. Set aside.

5. Remove the potatoes from the oven, add the salmon fillets and drizzle with any marinade left in the dish. Return to the oven for 10-12 minutes, or

Watch how to make it…

The Best Places to Have a Long Weekend

From bank holidays to mini-breaks, family travel experts Tiny Travelship, say these are the best places to book…

The Dreamy UK Stay

Watergate Bay, Cornwall
Watergate Bay, Cornwall

Watergate Bay is the aesthetically pleasing epitome of a stylish family-friendly hotel, where your every parental need is met without any garish colours or overbearing entertainment in sight. When it comes to being parent-friendly AND baby-friendly, Watergate Bay wins all the prizes. Baby monitors are handed to parents upon check-in, which stretch to anywhere in the hotel, allowing parents to enjoy spa treatments during naps and adults-only dinners during bedtime. Decor throughout offers a chic twist on coastal cornish design, and the Kids Zone is no exception. The complimentary kids club (from 6 months – 12 years) is as far away from sticky soft play as it gets – think Scandi wooden toys that wouldn’t look out of place in a design magazine.

Book Now

The Most Entertaining Stay

The Nest
The Nest

Wanderlusting over a safari, but don’t have time (or pockets) to get you there? Enter Lincolnshire’s The Nest. Whilst you may not spot the Big Five, the luxury canvas tents and wealth of (British) wildlife more than deliver on Out of Africa vibes. In a bid to ignite imaginations (with minimal creative thinking from mum or dad, because let’s face our minds are mush at this point), Tiny Travellers are treated to ‘Bush School’ hampers on arrival. Jam packed with outdoor activities (and easy to follow instructions), tots will love bird feeder making, flower pressing and bark-art rubbing, whilst parents rest and recuperate with hot tub talks and cozy campfires. Come bedtime nestle into the White Company dressed beds, or soak in the spectacular scenes from the freestanding bathtubs. This may be a back-to-nature getaway, but there’s no scrimping on creature comforts. Sundowners, seafood platters and outdoor film screenings are all on offer

Book Now

The One For Seriously Special Occasions

Six Senses Douro Valley
Six Senses Douro Valley

We might never be able to afford this one. *Maybe if we arrive 8 hours pre check in, stay for one night and then order an airport taxi at 11.59pm.
But if you can afford it and want to take your little people, Six Senses promise to pamper guests of all ages. Whilst not overtly child-centric (you won’t find a Kids Club here), it is an exercise in easy elegance for parents; babysitters are available; children under 5 dine for free; cots & highchairs are provided; and (unlike a lot of luxury hotels) waterbabies are allowed in the gorgeous outdoor infinity pool. We’re not sure about you but we definitely parent A LOT better with a glass of wine in hand, and the country’s finest plonk served here does not disappoint. The much lauded spa really does live up to its reputation, meaning the only difficulty mums & dads experience here is saying goodbye to their therapist at the end of the trip.

Book now

The Place for Fashionable Feasting

Puente Romano
Puente Romano

Just two and a half hours from the UK (followed by a 40 minute drive from the airport), a long weekend at Marbella’s Puente Romano makes a lot of sense. A world away from the Costa del Sol of Brits abroad, well-heeled families flock to Puente Romano for a robust roster of (aesthetically pleasing) activities. Boredom is a feeling never felt at the Kids Club, where endless entertainment includes beach survival skills, candle making and magic shows. With tots taken care of, adults can work up a sweat in the boujee boxing ring, spinning studio or Apple-watch-approved schedule of classes. If you prefer to get your endorphins with a little less exertion that’s totally fine too. Parents can choose to indulge in their own lunch time nap on the sublime sandy beach, or on a treatment bed in the spa. A real name to know for foodies, scattered around the picturesque plaza you’ll find gastronomic heavyweights including Nobu, COYA and Cipriani

Book now

A City Break That Has it All

The one that nails city breaks
The one that nails city breaks

In our opinion, bank holidays are made for city breaks, and culture vulture jaunts with kids are a lot easier when you have somewhere relaxing to return to every night. Enter Riva Lofts, a collection of seriously fashionable riverside suites in Florence. Allow us a spot of humble bragging on their behalf; the interiors are nothing short of magazine-worthy; the rooms super spacious; and, the home cooked buffet breakfasts are good enough to make a nonna weep. As if that wasn’t enough, Riva Lofts boasts an oasis-esque outdoor swimming pool – a real rarity for city hotels, and the perfect place to cool down after sightseeing

Book now

The Place to Celeb Spot

The Grove
The Grove

Looking for easy to reach escapism? Fast-fix restorative resets don’t come better than The Grove – a mere 20 minute train ride from central London. Sitting pretty on 300 acres of glorious grounds, this stately staycation has all its (rubber) ducks in a row when it comes to accommodating adults in need of downtime, and their energetic offspring. Fine-tuned family facilities include Anoushka’s Kids Club (2+), miniature 4×4 woodland adventures (3+), a Musical Trail through the woods, and not to mention the seasonal pop-up Ralph’s Beach – the perfect spot for swimming, sandcastle sessions and soaking up (let’s hope for more than a sliver of) British sunshine. A home-from home haunt of A-Listers, The Grove knows a thing or two about grown up getaways as well: think insta-famous fine dining, a swanky spa and championship golf course

Book now

Tiny Travelship’s New Holiday Search Service…

The Best Way to Find Your Next Family Holiday
The Best Way to Find Your Next Family Holiday

Giving Google Maps a serious glow up, Tiny Travelmap is a new service by Tiny Travelship, which features every single recommendation they’ve ever shared on @tinytravelship, allowing their members to explore thousands of visited and verified hotels, hotspots and hangouts around the world. Taking on Tripadvisor, discerning parents no longer have to sift through faceless reviews, as their pins link through to Instagram, and you have the ability to connect with other parents and ask questions, too! And because who doesn’t love a cheeky discount they’re also offering members parental perks each month.

Find out more

Reviewed by us: Soho Farmhouse

Reviewed by Ally Papasodaro, TMC Wimbledon Host

Pro IconPros

There’s so much to do. There’s even an on-site cinema, and you can book experiences like clay pigeon shooting and horse riding.

The spa houses incredible brands like Cowshed, Face Gym and Skinwork.

It’s worth going just to swim in the outside heated pool and have a relaxing time cycling around the farm!

There’s a great choice of restaurants, especially Pen Yen, which is Japanese, and the food is delicious.

Con IconCons

You have to be a member to stay (prices start at £100 a year plus accommodation costs)

It can be quite expensive

You won’t want to leave

What is it?

Soho Farmhouse is a members’ club set in 100 acres of Oxfordshire countryside, with studio bedrooms and cabins, a pool, spa and gym and has three on-site restaurants serving delicious food.

Overall Thoughts
Overall Thoughts

“It’s the perfect place to go for a friends’ weekend! The whole vibe is great whether you want a chilled staycation or a picante-filled one. There’s so much to do on-site, whether it’s riding bikes around the resort to one of the great restaurants or taking a dip in the inside-outside heated pool. You can also book extra activities, like horse riding or clay pigeon shooting. The spa has everything from hair to nail services, and it plays host to some incredible brands like Cowshed, Face Gym and Skinwork. And when you’re relaxing back at your room, you can order a little truck that comes to your cabin to make cocktails for you.”

Any Downsides?
Any Downsides?

“You have to be a member to book, which isn’t ideal if you don’t live near a Soho House and full membership doesn’t make sense to you. However, there is a membership which only costs £100 a year and enables you to stay at Soho House hotels all around the world. So, it’s not that bad if you’re likely to stay at a few in one year.”

My Best Tip:
My Best Tip:

“Grab some nibbles from Blake’s Kitchen, take out one of the little row boats, and have a picnic on the lake.”

How to Book…

Soho Farmhouse
Soho Farmhouse

Neighbouring the Cotswolds villages of Chipping Norton and Great Tew, the House has 114 bedrooms and cabins, a Cowshed spa and gym, a Wellness Barn specialising in holistic experiences, and sunken hot tubs in the lake. Plus, there’s a selection of activities to choose from, including horse riding, clay-pigeon shooting and tennis

Book a bedroom

A Big Thanks to Our Very Best Friends

To our forever hype girls who we couldn’t live without.

Thank You for…

The Effort

Thanks for driving miles to our house, not mentioning the mess or smell, always bringing cake, and washing up your own cup.

The Memes

Thanks for communicating with us via memes and not being pissed that we haven’t messaged you back in weeks.

The Lies

Thanks for saying we looked nice when we were wearing a sick-covered sack and hadn’t brushed our hair.

The Empathy

Thanks for not complaining that we never ask how you are when you call.

The Inclusivity

Thanks for always inviting us, even though we never actually come. And on the rare occasions we do – not being mad if we leave by 9pm.

The Validation

Thanks for letting us blabber on about our kids for the duration of dinner and then messaging to say you “had the best time!”.

The Understanding

Thanks for letting us be MIA. Under the dark circles and our milk-stained clothing, we’re still in there and promise we’ll be back.

What to Wear This Week

No idea what to wear when you finally make it out? We’ve got you!

All products on this page have been selected by our editorial team, however, we may make a commission on some products.

TMC Recipe of the Week: Tamarind Margarita


2 ounces silver tequila
¾ ounce Cointreau
¾ ounce lime juice, freshly squeezed
½ ounce agave nectar
½ ounce tamarind syrup
Lime wedge, for garnish
Tajin seasoning, for rim

How to make it

1. Sprinkle Tajin seasoning on a small plate. Moisten the rim of a large rocks glass with a slice of lime, then dip the glass in the seasoning to fully coat the rim.

2. Add tequila, tamarind syrup, Cointreau, agave and lime juice in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake to combine, about 30 seconds.

3. Add ice to rimmed glass and pour drink into glass. Garnish with lime and enjoy.

Image and Recipe from www.wineenthusiast.com

The Ultimate Guide To Gifting New Mums.

While gifting newborn babies can be lovely… they need very little aged 0.

The people that really need (and deserve) a treat is the parents.

Here are the best gifts to send new mums. And yes, a lot of them contain food!

Deliveroo Gift Voucher
Deliveroo Gift Voucher

Food is one of the most appreciated gifts received by new parents. Not having to think about what to make because you have a loaded gift card that gives you an excuse to order in, can feel like a little slice of heaven – no exaggeration.

Buy Now
Not Another Bill Baby Bundle
Not Another Bill Baby Bundle

This site combines delicious offerings like champagne and combines it with stylish baby buys. Taking the stress out of finding all the components yourself, you can customise and tailor-make each hamper to suit their style.

Buy Now
Cóte Breakfast In Bed
Cóte Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast in bed… YES PLEASE! For when heading out for brunch just feels like way too much effort. The baby’s head will be full of croissant crumbs and we’re ok with that.

Buy Now
Merci Maman Personalised Jewellery
Merci Maman Personalised Jewellery

Beautiful jewellery that can be personalised with names, initials and dates. A gorgeous keepsake that every mum will love.

Buy Now
Neom Diffuser
Neom Diffuser

The meaning of a diffuser changes once you become a parent. While they’re still the ultimate luxury, they can also help children with a good night’s sleep. Relieving congestion they encourage healthy sleep patterns and boost your mood. It’s a win for all.

Buy Now
Grape & Fig Medium Cheese Box
Grape & Fig Medium Cheese Box

One of pregnancy down sides, is that you have to stay clear of soft cheese and cured meats. So give the gift that they have longed for for 9 (read 10) hard months. All the cheese (and feel free to add on some wine!).

Buy Now
Grind Coffee Subscription
Grind Coffee Subscription

A three month subscription to coffee might be the best thing you could buy a sleep deprived household. It’ll make those early morning wake ups that bit more bearable.

Buy now
Beverly Hills Bakery Gift Basket
Beverly Hills Bakery Gift Basket

Great to offer guests when they unexpectedly show up. Or for inhaling during the 3am feed.

Buy Now
Secret Spa At Home Vouchers
Secret Spa At Home Vouchers

New mums have very little time for themselves and often forget to remember to book things in. Give her the excuse she needs and treat her to an at home massage, or a blow dry. Something just for her, that she can enjoy in those first few months.

Buy Now
Chelsea Peers Pink Modal PJs
Chelsea Peers Pink Modal PJs

We lived in PJs for the first few months (we still do). A new pair is always welcome and these are incredibly comfortable aswell as stylish.

Buy Now

All products on this page have been selected by our editorial team, however we may make commission on some products.

All the Questions You Might Have About Kids Teeth

Like how the hell you get toddlers to brush them…

TMC Expert: Dr Mira Morcos

Dr Mira Morcos is a part-time dentist, entrepreneur, mum of two toddlers, and Founder of Baby Boosa.

Dr Mira hosts regular Q&A sessions tailored for parents, focused on oral hygiene and dental care for little ones and these are the questions she’s asked the most…

When Should I Brush My Baby’s Teeth?

“Start brushing your baby’s teeth as soon as the first tooth makes an appearance.
This milestone is typically expected at around 6 months but can be earlier or later (often between 4-12 months). Brush two times a day, once in the morning and once before bedtime.”
“This helps establish a good oral hygiene routine early on, which is vital for preventing tooth decay.”

We love: Mushie Silicone Finger Toothbrushes as they are soft on your baby’s mouth and make it easier for parents when they’re little.

Mushie Silicone Finger Toothbrush

How Much Toothpaste to Use and The Best Ones…

“Use a rice-sized smear of fluoride toothpaste for under 3’s (and a pea-sized amount for 3-6-year-olds) with a small head and a soft-bristled toothbrush.”
“Use fluoridated toothpaste as fluoride helps to prevent cavities by strengthening the tooth enamel. It also helps in repairing the early stages of tooth decay.”
“When picking a toothpaste, ensure it has at least 1000ppm fluoride, the recommended concentration that is safe and effective in helping protect children’s teeth from cavities.”

We love: Green People Organic Children’s Toothpaste.

Green People Organic Children’s Toothpaste

How Do I Brush My Baby’s Teeth?

For Babies

“Place the brush at a 45-degree angle to the gum line and brush in gentle circular motions rather than side to side, ensuring you get to all the surfaces of the teeth.”
“The easiest position is to sit on the floor and place your baby on your lap with their head resting against your abdomen. This helps keep their head stable and gives you a good view of your baby’s teeth.”

For Toddlers

“Stand behind them and let them tilt their head slightly upwards.”
“It’s all about creating a calm and positive experience to encourage good oral hygiene habits from a young age.”

How Can I Stop My Baby Swallowing Toothpaste?

“Teaching a baby or toddler not to swallow toothpaste can be tricky. You can start by demonstrating how you spit out toothpaste.” Then you can try making spitting a fun game, for example, during bath time. A gradual, consistent approach can help teach your child the correct toothbrushing habits. It allows them to get accustomed to the routine playfully and positively, which can lead to better cooperation and, eventually, independent brushing.

When Should I Book My Baby’s First Dentist Appointment?

“It is recommended that a baby’s first check-up is when their first tooth comes or before their first birthday (whichever is first). This is to help build familiarity, ensure families get the best preventative advice and a healthy start. Don’t panic if your child is over one. It is never too late to start good dental habits. Just arrange an appointment with a dentist as soon as you can.”

When Should I Stop Using a Baby Bottle?

“It is recommended to phase out the baby bottle at around 12 months if your baby can sit up independently. This is due to the risk of dental decay with prolonged bottle use. Milk contains natural sugars, and the frequent exposure of teeth to any sugar-containing liquids through a bottle can cause decay. Also, the prolonged sucking motion needed for bottle feeding can cause dental misalignment. Transitioning away from the baby bottle can help promote better oral health and development. Starting the shift early can ease the process.”

How to Introduce a Cup to My Baby at 6 Months

“Using an open cup from the age of 6 months helps encourage the development of mature swallowing patterns and helps to foster hand-eye coordination. As discussed previously, prolonged bottle use can lead to dental decay, so practising early can help ease this transition.”

1. Begin with small amounts of water to minimise spills and make the learning process less daunting.
2. Initially, you may need to help your child by holding the cup for them. Gradually encourage them to hold the cup themselves with your assistance.
3. Offer the open cup at each mealtime to reinforce the new skill.
4. Make sure the learning environment is safe and easy to clean, as spills are part of the learning process (for my fellow ‘Cleanaholics’, consider this the perfect opportunity to embrace the chaos)
5. Every child is different, and mastering the open cup may take time. Be patient and keep the experience positive, praising your baby and yourself along the way!

We love: Baby Boosa’s My 1st Cups as they’re easy for babies to hold and made of soft silicone, which is gentle on their gums.

Baby Boosa My 1st Cup

My Toddler Refuses to Brush Their Teeth

“It can be challenging when toddlers resist tooth brushing. Creating positive associations and making toothbrushing fun can improve cooperation. Here are some ideas”

1. Pretend the toothbrush is an animal, like a kangaroo hopping from tooth to tooth or a train travelling along tracks to make brushing a playful adventure.

2. Make it into a game and ask your toddler to recall the foods they had during the day, then pretend to brush away the traces of each food.

3. Turn off the lights and use a flashlight to make toothbrushing a novel experience.

4. Hold their favourite cuddly toy in one hand with a toothbrush and let it ‘brush’ their teeth.

We love: Spotlight’s Kid Electric Toothbrushes. If you’re really struggling introducing a new toothbrush can help. These make toddlers feel like adults and bring the fun to brushing.

Spotlight Care Kids Monster Electric Toothbrush

Reviewed by us: Symprove

Reviewed by: TMC Editor Lydia House

Pro IconPros

It helps rebalance your gut

The effects are noticeable

It’s good for people who suffer from IBS – C and D

It helps regulate bowel movements

It helps repair your stomach after illness and antibiotics

Con IconCons

It can be hard to remember to take it before eating and drinking each morning.

It’s expensive

It doesn’t taste that good

What is it?

Symprove is a gut supplement rooted in science and raved about by thousands. It delivers billions of bacteria to your gut in a morning shot. Arriving alive, they work to balance your microbiome and give you a good gut feeling! Symprove’s live bacteria helps stimulate the “good bacteria” you already have.

Overall Thoughts…

Pre-kids, I had an unstable diet lacking in fibre and a lifestyle that included a lot of boozy late nights and beige food. Probably due to this, I suffered quite frequently from IBS-C issues (constipation). In this stage of my life, I used Symprove a few times to help rebalance my gut and alleviate these issues.
After having kids, I’ve experienced the reverse and suffered from IBS-D (diarrhoea), which can be tricky when you have two demanding toddlers, and you need to run to the loo quickly.
The kids also love to bring home nursery bugs, resulting in me taking antibiotics on a few occasions in the last few years.
Needless to say, my gut and bowel have taken a hit. However, I was a little worried that taking Symprove would worsen the issue because, in my first experience, it had a clear-out effect, and I had quite a few bowel movements.
But after reading it could help with both IBS C and D and works to level and balance the gut I was excited to hopefully regain a more regular bowel habit.

The Results...
The Results…

Unbelievably, I noticed a difference within a few days and started to see regular stools. Even after a night out, things were much more stable, and my stomach felt more capable of dealing with a margarita fuelled bashing. Many claim to see an improvement in overall health and energy, but I’d find it hard to say if this was true as our children are still tiny. Sleep (or lack thereof) is usually the most significant factor in a better get-up-and-go. Over the last few months, I’ve experienced better energy levels, but it’s also coincided with nights with no wake-ups, and I’ve also improved my diet and lifestyle. So, it’s a hard one to pinpoint.

Any Downsides...
Any Downsides…

During the 12-week programme, you take a 70ml shot on an empty stomach each morning before eating or drinking for 10 minutes. I’ve found it hard to remember to take it first thing and reorder my morning schedule, where I drink tea as soon as I wake up. Ten minutes feels like a long time when you’re a caffeine-dependent mum, and often, I completely forget to take it. But now I’ve found a better rhythm and try to take my shot as soon as I get downstairs, and then by the time I’ve sorted out the two children with breakfast and the kettle has boiled, usually ten minutes have passed, and I can drink my tea or coffee. It doesn’t always go according to plan, but I’m getting better at it.
The only other downside is the taste but it’s not that bad and you get used to it. You can also get different flavours but i tried these before and found the original the least offensive.

Where to Buy it…

Symprove Water-Based Gut Supplement With Live and Active Bacteria, Original Flavour
Symprove Water-Based Gut Supplement With Live and Active Bacteria, Original Flavour